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The very first slash story for this community has finally arrived. There's a possibility of more to this story if it doesn't leave me alone, but if nobody likes it I won't bug you guys with it. XDD

Author: Moi, calm_storm (with some help from blackroseasylum XDD)
Paring: Tom/Dan
Rating: *shrug* PG-13, I guess. Nothing explicit.
Summary: What if Dell never passed by that cave? The three boys would have just had to rough the night, right?

"You guys, seriously…come back to bed. I'm freezing." Jerry giggled, automatically curling his knees to his chin for warmth. Tom looked angrily at Jerry for a moment and then pointed bitterly at Dan. "Only if you're going to be the one in the middle, Jer. I'm not lying next to him. Not with him out and all."

"Damnit, that's not what I meant!"
"Yeah, right!"
"Guys, quit it. Tom, Dan needs to be in the middle. He's the smallest."
"I'm glad someone-HEY!"

The other two men laughed stupidly. Jerry gave Tom a loud high five and fell back to the ground in fits of laughter. "You guys, shut up!" Dan shouted loudly, sputtering slightly at the rain flying into his mouth as he stood at the mouth of the cave. It was a good twenty minutes before the other two boys finally settled down and tried to go back to sleep-Dan respectably in between them.
"I don't want any funny business." Tom said snidely, shivering a bit as the cold began to set into his skin.

"Shut up. You know that was Jerry's fault." Tom responded with a skeptical grunt and pretended to fall to sleep immediately to avoid an argument.

Dan woke up about an hour later when he felt his own arm touch the muddy ground. "What're you doing?" he asked sleepily, seeing Tom's silhouette crawling away from the huddle. Tom looked flustered. What Dan could see of his face was slightly red and his hands were kneading. "Hey, man, are you okay?" He asked softly, sitting up slightly, careful not to wake up Jerry.

"I have to-urg…go to the bathroom." Tom responded quietly, glancing at Jerry as if to tell his dream this fact as well. He ruffled Dan's hair and got to his feet. "I'll be right back, Dan-o. Don't miss me too much." Dan sneered, but cast a look outside the cave and frowned.

"It's still pouring. You should probably just go in the corner." He said matter-of-factly, waving his hand vaguely at the far end of the cave. Tom sighed and rolled his eyes.

"I'll be fine, mom, I can go out on my own." Dan glared at him, but nuzzled back into Jerry to regain his warmth, trying to fall back to sleep. It was hard sleep with one of your best friends since childhood breathing soundly in your ear, Dan noticed.

About ten minutes had passed and Dan was still awake, his chest freezing cold. What could be taking Tom so long? And why didn't he just stay in the cave? It was getting colder by the second, and Dan was finding it increasingly hard to get comfortable again without being sandwiched. He wriggled expertly out of Jerry's grip and ventured slowly from the cave into the storm to search for his other friend.

He hadn't gone far when he saw Tom's shape in the rainy shadows, facing away from him. He took another step and opened his mouth to call to him when he was interrupted by a moan. How many people moaned when they peed? Of course, he had been out here ten minutes, maybe he really had to go. But that wasn't a relieved moan, that moan was almost…sexual.

"-fucking hate Jerry…a dirty trick, that bastard…" Dan heard him mutter, "…he said he'd keep it a secret, god damnit." Tom's body shuddered slightly as he continued to mumble to himself. "Why does he have to be wet, for god's sake?" He asked himself coldly, "and why does he have to sleep next to me?"

Dan blinked, taking a tentative step towards his friend. Was he talking about who he thought he was talking about? He opened his mouth timidly to speak again, but was once again cut off by Tom's groaning. "Oh, Jesus." He screamed, arching his back as Dan watched him release.

Dan watched in petrified shock as Tom pulled up his boxers haphazardly and turned around. He stopped abruptly at the sight of Dan. The red flustered look in his face was replaced by ghost-white fear. Trying desperately to regain his usual composure, Tom forced his face to look nonchalant. His cool attitude was lost to his voice. "H-how long were you-er-standing there?" He asked nervously.

Dan looked at his feet. "Uh…" he hesitated, "long enough." There was no reason to lie to him. Tom nodded. He was losing more colour from his face every passing second, but acted as if he were nodding yes to a question about the weather.

"Well…that's interesting."
"Tom, I-"
"What're you doing out here, anyway? I said I'd be right back."
"I-I was-erm-uh…"
"You were…?"

Dan frowned, getting agitated for no real reason. "I don't know! Scared? Worried? Cold? Bored? Awake? Pick one!" Tom stared at him, and Dan could see even through the heavy sheets of rain that he'd give anything to turn back time. Dan bit his lip and looked back at the ground, unable to think of what else there was to say.

"I'm fucking cold, man." Dan looked up to see Tom with his arms crossed protectively over his chest, his eyes cast at the dirt as well. Dan knew he hadn't meant because of the rain. He let out a sigh and watched as a brick wall began building itself between them. Tom reached up and smoothed his soaking hair from his face, looking back at Dan.

"Where's Jerry?"
"I left him back at the cave."

Tom seemed to find this answer strange. "Alone?" Dan shrugged and nodded before realizing how stupid this was.

"Oh, shit!" Dan spun around and started towards the cave when he turned around. "Are you coming or not?" He hadn't meant it the way Tom took it, and frowned seriously when Tom started to laugh. "Shut up, you idiot." Dan snapped, "You shouldn't find that very funny in your predicament." As the words left his lips, the wall collapsed and left them alone as if it were never there. Tom shrugged and slid dangerously to Dan's side as if he were trying to surf the mud. He tried his best to act natural, like this whole ordeal had never happened, but halfway back to the cave he stopped and grabbed Dan's arm.

"You're…you're not gonna say anything to anyone, are you?" He asked, uncharacteristically nervous, "I mean, Jer knows, but…I have a reputation I'm not quite ready to give up, you know?" Dan was silent for a minute, staring at Tom's hand resting on his elbow. He'd done that exact same thing a million times in the 25 years they'd known each other, but now it felt like it was the first time he'd ever touched him. Finally, he looked his friend in the face.

"No, man." Tom seemed relieved by this, but not shocked. Dan turned back to the path, but stopped. "This is gonna sound weird, but uh…how long?" Tom laughed.

"Eighteen inches."
"Damnit, Tom. That's not what I-quit laughing. You know what I mean."

"A year." He said solemnly, the hint of a grave smile on the edge of his mouth, as if to say he was sorry. Without an answer to that response, Dan simply nodded. They walked the rest of the way to the cave in silence.

The boys weren't surprised to see Jerry still snoozing serenely on the cave floor, curled into a fetal position to subconsciously keep him warm. "The man sleeps like a rock." Tom stated, amusement tingeing the exhaustion in this voice. Dan nodded, sliding back under Jerry's arm. He looked at Tom expectantly, who anxiously bit his lip and shook his head. "That's okay. I'll just sleep over here. You know…with you out and me out…" He said it jokingly, but looked irate with himself when he admitted it aloud. He'd spent his entire life trying to prove to himself and everyone else he was tougher than feelings.

Without thinking, Dan grabbed Tom's arm and pulled him to the ground. "I'm freezing. Don't be such a damn baby." Dan ordered, shocking Tom enough to nod. There was a short beat were they simply stared at each other in silence, each wondering if anything would happen between them. And then, as suddenly as if came, it left, and Tom lay on his back, staring silently at the ceiling before Dan whispered, "Are you okay?" Tom paused for a long time before shrugging.

"I've been better." He replied truthfully, careful not to look Dan in the face. At last he turned on his side, tensing when he felt Dan drape his wet arm over his stomach. He looked at him carefully, searching his face for some sort of discomfort. To his surprise, Dan was already half asleep, nodding off contently on Tom's shoulder. Tom briefly reached over and touched his face before scowling at himself and turning back to go to sleep.

Dan awoke when he felt warm breath on his neck. He opened one eye to see Tom turned to face him, fast asleep and curled innocently under his chin. Dan smiled, petting Tom's drenched hair away from his face. "I never would have guessed, man." He said honestly, looking at Tom's peaceful face as if he were awake. He paused, watching Tom breathe softly in and out as he tried to search for hints.

Now that he thought about it, it was obvious. The little things, especially what happened on this trip. Kissing him in the car, messing with him while they were still in the canoe, the way he watched Dan's face while he stitched up his arm, complimenting his hair? He watched Tom stir quietly and froze.

"I miss you, Billy." Tom whispered under his breath. A chill ran down Dan's spine at the mention of their deceased friend. He missed him, too. Tom shuddered and cuddled further into Dan, letting out a soft whimper from the cold. Dan couldn't help but smile. People were so different when they were asleep. Tom seemed almost like the child he never was, sad and helpless. It was almost as if the roles of the two men had completely reversed.

"Tom?" He whispered quietly, not sure if he wanted to know if he was awake or not. To his surprise, Tom grunted. "You're awake?"

"No." Dan raised his eyebrows. Thunder crashed directly outside the cave, causing Jerry to jump in his sleep. "I'm sleeping. Leave me alone." Dan snickered, but refused to do as Tom asked.

"Do you really wanna huuuuurt me…do you really wanna make me cryyyyy?" Dan sang quietly, making Tom frown.


Dan continued to sing as if he hadn't heard Tom's snide remark until he felt a sleepy punch aimed near his stomach. "Ow! Tom!" Tom let out a dreary laugh and yawned into Dan's chest. Dan wanted to ask so many questions, but was afraid to bring up a matter Tom was still so sensitive about. How did Jerry know? How did Tom know, for that matter? He'd been so vague on his own question that Dan didn't even know if a year was as long as Tom had known his sexuality or since he'd known he liked Dan. Maybe both.

Dan let out a sigh. He didn't even know himself. Sometimes he wondered if he might be gay. He'd never been able to commit to any relationship outside of the ones he had with Jerry, Billy and Tom. He'd hardly even had a relationship outside of Jerry, Billy and Tom. Weren't those signs of homosexuality? Hadn't he read that in one of his doctorate books? He couldn't remember. He'd ignored most of the psychobabble he'd read in college, using the excuse that he didn't want to be a shrink.

Tom was already back to sleep at this point, and Dan heard him softly murmuring to himself in an almost sing-song voice. It took him a moment to realize he was singing Do You Really Want to Hurt Me. "Are you awake?" Dan repeated softly, figuring there was no way he'd sing that song willingly. When an answer failed to come, Dan smiled. "What I wouldn't give for a video camera." Dan laughed to himself as Tom's singing rose lightly in volume.

Dan was quiet for a moment, simply listening to Tom sing in his sleep until he felt Jerry roll onto his other side, deep enough in sleep to not feel the cold anymore. With a sigh, Dan closed his eyes, trying desperately to force himself to sleep. He was always the last one awake. He was almost drifting off when he felt Tom move again.

"Dan? Are you awake?" Dan was too far gone to answer but not far enough to feel the need to answer no to. Dan felt Tom pull away and shivered, the cold suddenly snapping him back to reality.

"Erg…what is it? Why can't you just stay asleep like a normal human?"
"I miss Billy."

There was a long awkwardness, and Dan suddenly felt like the father explaining to his son why granny was in the coffin. "I do, too." He whispered, glancing out at the storm before looking back at Tom, "You seemed…er…well you didn't seem too depressed at the funeral." Tom shrugged.

"It just hit me." Dan jumped when he heard Tom's voice crack, thinking for sure it was because of the cold or just a trick of his ear. "I mean, think about it, Dan-o. We'd all been friends since we were kids. I can't even remember a summer where Billy didn't shove you off the bridge into Cedar Lake. Now I'm going to have to."

"Yeah, thanks." Dan grumbled to himself more than Tom, who didn't seem to be in the mood for sarcasm. "These things happen though, Tom."

That wasn't the right thing to say. Tom scoffed and raised his voice. "NO, Dan! These things happen to-" he paused, realizing that he might wake up Jerry, and bitterly lowered his voice "-these things happen to other people. It's never us, Dan-o. It never should be."

Dan shrugged, feeling eerily older as the conversation progressed. "We are 'other people.' Think of this from the eyes of everyone else, Tommy. We're just another statistic. Another phobic doctor, another fearless con-artist and another immature surfer dude. Another dead thirty-year-old who never quite grew up."

This made Tom let out a sad, uninvited laugh. "Yeah, I guess." He agreed slowly, still not looking up from his knees. He trembled again, and this time Dan scooted towards him. "Oh, Jesus, Dan, don't pity me. I-" He stopped abruptly when he suddenly realized that Dan was hugging him.
"What the fuck-what are you hugging me for? Get off me, you sappy dumbass." Tom sneered, ignoring at how his body automatically tensed at the feel of Dan against him.
"What happens in the cave stays in the cave, right?"

Tom raised an eyebrow questioningly. Before he could answer, Dan took his lips in his own, forcing Tom to inhale sharply in surprise. Against his own will, Tom pulled away and looked Dan in the face. "What are you doing? Are you still stoned?" Tom took his hands off of Dan's shoulders to hide the fact that he was shaking.

Dan shrugged, as if he'd never thought of that predicament. "I must be." He responded, and Tom couldn't decide if he was being serious or not. There was a long pause, where both men thought this over, and then Tom suddenly wrapped an arm roughly around Dan's neck, bringing him almost violently back into the kiss. Dan's eyes widened as Tom's tongue forced his mouth open and dove past his lips. There was a groan when Dan felt Tom straddle his hips, but he couldn't tell which of them had let it slip.

Tom pulled away quickly, breathing hard and shaking. "I didn't guilt you into this, did I? You're not doing this out of pity, are you?" Dan had hardly shook his head before Tom was on him again, pinning him to the ground with a thud. Tom broke apart to plant startlingly romantic kisses along Dan's jawbone.

Dan felt Tom's hands run feverishly down his chest, his fingernails grazing over his pale skin. Tom was breathing hard as his hands reached Dan's hips, and he paused, silently waiting for a go-ahead. Dan felt his body shiver pleasurably. "A little deprived, are we?" he said breathlessly, trying to ignore the growing tension below his waist.

Tom lowered his mouth to Dan's ear and whispered gruffly, "I'm not the only one, Dan-o." Dan wanted to laugh it off, but he knew he was right. Before Dan could process this completely, Tom drew his head back, lightly nipping at Dan's neck as he followed a trail to Dan's collarbone. Dan gasped as Tom's teeth grazed the skin at the base of his neck.

Tom smiled at his reaction and dragged his hand up Dan's inner thigh. Dan arched his back and shut his eyes, feeling Tom's lips brush against his own; his tongue flickered over Dan's lips before finding its way inside. Dan released a pleading moan as he felt Tom's lean into him. Dan suddenly felt how aroused Tom was, making his cheeks turn scarlet.

Dan was only vaguely aware of Tom's fingers as they stroked his palms and ran down his arms. Suddenly his calloused fingers were on Dan's waist, pulling away his underwear. Dan froze when he felt Tom's sweaty hand rest between his legs. Tom took notice of Dan's sudden tenseness and pulled back. "No…" Dan whispered, his hand twitching slightly off the ground. "It's just that…I've never-"
"I can tell." Tom interrupted softly, a smile curling at one corner of his mouth. "Don't worry; it's not a bad thing…" He leaned in closely to Dan, his lips brushing Dan's as he spoke, "I'll take good care of you." Dan was reassured by Tom's uncharacteristic compassion, and relaxed, leaning back onto the rock as Tom's mouth began to explore his own again. Dan wrapped his hands gently around Tom's neck, gasping when Tom's hand returned to its place just below Dan's waist.

Tom broke away, nuzzling his face into Dan's neck and pressing his lips against it. Dan shut his eyes at the feel of a hickey forming where Tom's mouth was, allowing a loud groan to escape from his lips.

"I see you two have found a way to keep warm."

Both men froze abruptly, and Tom's lips were replaced with his forehead, pressing into Dan's neck harder than his lips were. "Shit." He whispered, biting his lip worriedly. Dan tentatively placed a hand on Tom's back, but Tom didn't take notice of it.

Jerry sat up, crossing his arms over his chest as he shivered, but he had a large smile on his face that didn't seem fazed. "If you two want to be alone, the rain stopped."

"Shut up, Jerry."
"Why so hostile?"
"Just shut up."
"I knew you liked him-pretty lucky he liked you back, huh?"
"Shut up!"
"What's wrong with you?"

Tom had hoisted himself up on his elbows and was looking viciously at Jerry. "Nothing." He spat defensively, rolling off of Dan and allowing him to retrieve his underwear. Dan looked nervously at Jerry, who raised his eyebrows at him. Dan pretended he didn't notice.

"Guys, since the rain stopped, we should probably keep going. I don't want to be stuck out here forever." Tom said flatly, walking out of the cave without looking back. Dan paused, staring helplessly after Tom in a childish sitting position for a moment before getting to his feet and following him. Jerry frowned. "Oops." He whispered, hoping he hadn't gone too far before grabbing Dan's forgotten fanny pack and trailing after his two best friends.

"Tom, stop!" Dan huffed, catching up to the blonde. "Why're you so pissed?" Tom didn't answer, storming ahead as if he hadn't noticed Dan at all. "Tom!" Tom finally stopped and turned around, looking extremely livid that he had to quit running forward.

"What did Jerry say that made you so…er…"
"I don't know, man. I just don't…I'm not-I'm not usually like that, you know? I'm not used to it, yet, I guess."

Dan bit his lip and looked at the ground. A sudden feeling of déjà vu swept over him. He nodded. He understood. "Me either." He smiled, looking behind him to see where Jerry went. "Me either." He repeated softly, as if Tom had asked him to lower his voice.

A moment passed, and Tom looked past Dan to see if Jerry had caught up to them yet. Dan didn't have time to see for himself. Tom grabbed his arm and pulled him behind a nearby tree, pinning him roughly against it and kissing him fiercely. Dan let out a soft groan at the feeling of Tom's tongue snaking into his mouth, but Tom broke away before he got a real chance to enjoy it. Tom was glancing over the tree, looking as if he was a sixteen-year-old sneaking into the house past his curfew.

Dan watched his face, searching his eyes for any sign of Jerry. Apparently, there wasn't one, because Tom turned back to Dan and continued taking in the taste of him. When Tom tore away for the second time, Dan pulled him back in by his shoulders, continuing the kiss with a force that Tom seemed to like.

Dan didn't realize how far they'd gotten into it until he felt the cold, muddy grass on his back. Jerry's arrival flitted slightly through both of their minds as their rendezvous continued, but neither one of them could bring themselves to stop.

It didn't take long for Jerry to finally catch up, grumbling angrily to himself as he stumbled through the rocks and mud. "…go off and leave me in the dust…I'm always left out of-" He stopped abruptly when he reached the tree. Not wanting to repeat his earlier mistake, he backed out of view of his friends and put a hand over his mouth.

How long was he going to have to hide back here? He didn't want to interrupt his fiends again, but they needed to get going. Jerry let out a quiet sigh and took a seat behind a bush. "Jerry could be coming by any second." Jerry heard Dan say breathlessly. Tom must have agreed silently, because Jerry suddenly heard the rustle of both of them getting to their feet. Jerry paused. If he showed himself immediately, it'd be obvious he'd been standing there. He waited until he heard his friends begin to complain about his tardiness before walking out from behind his hiding place.

"Where have you been?" Tom asked, his tone almost motherly. Jerry shrugged and pointed behind him at the jagged terrain.

"It's tough getting up there, man." Tom rolled his eyes in exasperation and motioned for Dan and Jerry to follow him. Jerry kept a three second distance, watching the other boys in a slightly jealous interest. He noticed Dan subtly touch his fingers to Tom's wrist. Tom responded, briefly taking his hand before dropping it as if nothing had happened.

Jerry smiled, Tom's 'bad boy' persona was shattered, and everyone, including Tom, knew it.

Gug...that's so obviously a first fic for me...< /self-hate>
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Date:March 21st, 2005 04:29 am (UTC)
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XDD I love it! XDDD It was funny, and sexy. Write more, or diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie.

Haha, Dan is so sexy. Great fic, you should so post that on fanfiction.net or something.
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Date:March 21st, 2005 11:27 pm (UTC)
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Gug, no. Not until I refine Tom's character...
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Date:March 21st, 2005 04:51 am (UTC)
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Pretty damn good for a first fic, if you ask me. :D

It was cute! Totally out of character, but so absolutely adorable.

Hard for me to picture, but I'm a Jerry/Dan kind of girl myself.

You've inspired me! I'll try and write one for tomorrow. X3
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Date:March 21st, 2005 11:29 pm (UTC)
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Yeah, I know! It bugs me, because Tom/Dan is so promenate to me, but Tom is such a....I dunno. I'd say he was 'closed in' but he's really not. He's a hard character to write, to be honest.

Jerry/Dan never fit for me...I guess it must be that I saw so few lines between them-and maybe that Jerry had a girlfriend (however that never stopped me before)

Just cause I won't write it doesn't mean I won't read it though. XDD
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Date:March 21st, 2005 03:32 pm (UTC)
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yay! you managed to mention every slashy part of the movie! good for you. Yea, I've got a "what if Dell never showed up" Idea, myself. just gotta suck it up and write it down!!
To VioletEyedhair: uh-huh, Jerry/Dan seems to appeal to me more too.
(Jerry: *pulling Dan onto the overturned canoe* I Gotcha, baby.) <--favorite line
Date:March 21st, 2005 11:32 pm (UTC)
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You know what I think, but I will comment here, too!

OMGSMEX. <333333333
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Date:May 29th, 2005 12:40 am (UTC)
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Just when I think we have too much in common, blackroseasylum, I find you at my best friend's community.

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Date:May 29th, 2005 01:22 am (UTC)
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=O I've been here from the beginning! And compared to the beginning, this place is dying/dead. XD;; Somebody needs to reviiiiiive iiiiiitt....

♥ xs 5

(I love your icon by the way XD)
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Date:May 21st, 2007 09:16 am (UTC)
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*Girly fangirl squee* OH EM GEE!!! I wuver it! you mkae me want to post things too! I loved loved loved the last line!!!!!!!! *huggles you then runs to find pen and paper to write her own smutt*
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Date:May 21st, 2007 12:03 pm (UTC)
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Holy crap! How did you find this place? I wrote that story back when I fifteen years old! I'm graduating high school in four days! XDD I gotta hand it to you, that must've taken some patience!

I'm glad you liked it, though. Gives me a little boost of confidence. :3 I had almost proclaimed this place dead, but thanks to you, it can live a little longer. XD
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Date:May 21st, 2007 09:29 pm (UTC)
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I know i was in 7th grade when i first saw the movie... but i didn't look for any storys 'til now, cuz i didn't think to look! lol but your welcome for the confidence!
Date:October 6th, 2008 07:58 pm (UTC)
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Old stories never die!~ are you kidding? Yeah this was sweet and sappy abnd I dont really feel as if it was out of character. Because I think when we are dealing with the person we love- we are all completely out of it is natural for someone to be completely out of character when we are with the person we love. It is completely believable to me that Tom is so emotional in this story- it was absolutely fantastic!