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Jul. 29th, 2005 @ 02:47 pm The First (As Far As I Know) WTP OT3 Fic!
I'm feeling very: creativeCreative
It's not Culture Club, its: "Bump & Grind" - Bobby Brown

Finally ! I've finnaly finnished this god forsaken fic! It took me forever to get up off my kiester and type this damn thing! So please, enjoy. Feed back is very much appreciated.


Title: Best Laid Plans

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Tom/Jerry/Dan (Like these kids don't just scream "threesome")

Summery: Another "What if Dell hadn't show up when he did" fic. Warning: exploitation of Dan's Super Uke Boy-ness.



- Best Laid Plans -

By Empress


"I’m starting to feel warm." Jerry said with a twinge of optimism in his voice.

"See? I told you guys." Dan replied, moving in closer "Let’s just try and get some sleep."

There was a few minutes of silence as the three men lay holding each other on the cold ground. That was when he set the plan into action.

"Pst... Hey, Dan-o." Jerry whispered to the red head in front of him.

"Mmhmm?" Dan’s mumbling told Jerry that he was only half awake, but was listening.

"How hot were those chicks in the tree?" Jerry asked.

"Mm... They were hairy, but hot." Dan answered.

Jerry loved that mumbly little voice. He smiled into Dan’s shoulder. He then looked past him to the falling rain outside the cave and let his mind begin to wander.

"The rain... dancing to the rhythm of the thunder. Full on tantric orgasm, are you kidding me?" Jerry thought of Dan and him dancing in the rain the same way Flower and Butterfly had described. What was it they had said? Something about holding each other naked until the morning. Oh yeah, Now that was a pleasant thought. To watch the sun rise with Dan in his arms...

Jerry shivered. He looked at Dan, who was drifting off faster by the minute.

"Hey, didn’t..." Jerry paused "Didn’t she kiss you once?"

"Mm... It was nice..." Dan’s voice was so garbled with sleep he was barely intelligible.

Lucky hippie. Jerry thought.

"Oh my God... They’re probably dancing naked right now." Jerry said in a way that seemed to convey urgency.

Dan had awoken at that remark, but tried his best to pretend he was asleep and unfazed by Jerry’s body pressed against him. Of course his friend’s dirty talk about the tree girls wasn’t helping, but Jerry’s breath puffing against his ear was making playing possum much harder. Dan decided the best plan of action at this point was to act natural and try his best to stay warm. He lay, his pinkie finger locked over Jerry’s thumb and sighed as he heard Jerry practically purr in his ear:

"Dancing... Soaking... Wet..." Jerry hit the t with a delicate snap of sound. That, plus Dan’s realization that Jerry was just close enough to him to lean over and...

Well, let’s just say there was a major flow of blood to Dan’s Downstairs.

Meanwhile, at the front of the pile, Tom was laying with his eyes practically spot welded shut. Why did all this kind of shit happen to him? It was the family curse! It had to be!

Tom shifted uncomfortably. Something was digging into his back.

"...Hey..." He muttered, trying to get Dan to move the branch that had some how gotten wedged between them. Funny thing about it, though. The branch had shown up out of thin air. And in this temperature, it was obvious that said branch was unusually warm.

Oh, Jesus Christ...


There was a scuffle as Dan, hands clamped over his groin, and Tom, equally as mortified, shuffled to either side of the cave.

"Oh my God, Dan-o! How could you?!" Tom asked, as if Dan had just thrown his Harley in front of a speeding train.

"It wasn’t me! It was Jerry!" Dan pointed to Jerry, who was propped up on his elbow, laughing at the display before him "Jerry, why would you do that?!"

Why do you think, dear doctor? Jerry thought and for a moment laughed harder.

"I’m sorry! My bad. I’m so sorry. What happens in the cave, stays in the cave." Jerry said around his chuckles.

"Oh my God... That was your..." Tom’s face flushed and for a moment he looked as if he would faint.

"Come back to bed, you guys. I’m freezing." Jerry said, getting over his laughing fit.

"No- No way." Dan said, only considering a moment that Jerry had used the phrase ‘back to bed’, the way one might beckon a lover. "Not until you explain... explain why you were trying to..."

Dan blushed, making himself feel even more vulnerable than he already was.

"I wasn’t trying." Jerry lied.

"Bullshit!" Dan said, wishing desperately that the throbbing erection between his legs would recede. "If you weren’t trying then why were you... were you...?"

Being so sexy? Making me want you? How the hell did Dan intend to finish that sentence?

Jerry crawled over to Dan on all fours. When he reached the red head, he sat with his legs tucked beneath and rested one hand on Dan’s shoulder.

"Relax, Dan-o. It’s cool." He said warmly.

Dan sighed in relief, "Oh good. I was afraid th-" he began but before he could finish his sentence, Jerry’s lips were pressed tightly to his.

Dan’s eyes began to widen, and his cock, which had begun to soften, sprang back with new life. Jerry pulled away and leaned forward, hands on either side of Dan’s hips, gripping the cold earth between his fingers. Dan looked up at him in disbelief.

"Remember when you said you’d give anything to live with someone willing to have sex with you every night like I have? Well, Denise hasn’t so much as touched me for the last eight months." Jerry said, his voice ferrel and mechivious. Dan scooted back as Jerry crawled towards him. "And at this point she’s the last person I want to get my hands on."

Dan’s back bumped against a rock on the far side of the cave, preventing his escape.

"Tom, get over here." Jerry said, only looking over his shoulder for a moment before letting his eyes play over Dan’s nearly naked, rain slickened body.

"Yeah... uh, Jer... I think I’m chickening out." Tom called over to his friend, looking around distractedly.

Dan put a hand on Jerry’s shoulder to lift himself high enough to see over the larger man.

"You mean you’re in on this!?" He asked. Just then Jerry came down onto Dan’s neck with his teeth. Dan Shrieked.

"Well... yeah... " Tom scratched his head and frowned guiltily.

Tom and Jerry had been letting this plan of theirs stew around between them for sometime now. Actually, it went as far back as their senior year and only came back to life during the first few days of their trip.

And it wasn’t as if Tom hadn’t ever had sex with a guy before. He and Jerry had fooled around once or twice back in the good old days and it was amazing what or who you could find on the open road driving your motorcycle around. But it just seemed weird. Both he and Jerry knew Dan was gay, even if Dan wouldn't admit it and he and Jerry also knew, with a little persuasion, Dan would loosen up and join the party. Strangely enough though, Tom was as nervous as Dan

"Fine," Jerry said, lifting a confused yet extremely aroused Dan into his lap. "We’ll have fun without you."

Jerry held Dan, his chest curled against the red head’s back. His arms coiled around his friend, sliding up and down Dan’s chest and arms. His lips shadowed hot trails from Dan’s neck to leave small nibbles on his ear. Dan, who was mostly too stunned to really speak up, sat (his hands were folded in his lap. He really wasn’t quite sure what to do with them) uncertain of what would happen next. Although, even if he could talk, he probably wouldn’t have spoken against Jerry’s work.

The red head found his voice in a both surprised and delighted moan when Jerry pinched his left nipple. he laid his head on Jerry’s shoulder, staring through half-lidded eyes at the ceiling of the cave. Jerry chuckled, remarking to himself that this was easier than he thought it would be, and brought his mouth down on Dan’s exposed neck. The tips of Jerry’s fingers slid down over Dan’s ribs and though they were cooled by the rain, they set Dan’s skin ablaze.

Dan brought his mouth to Jerry’s and locked him in a searing kiss. Jerry was slightly surprised by Dan’s forwardness. He expected the doctor to be kicking and screaming, flailing to get hold of his inhaler Not that Jerry minded Dan’s extreme cooperation. Thank the Lord for small favors.

Tom sat on his side of the cave, watching his tow friends. He knew watching would only cause trouble but God, was he turned on! He just couldn’t bring himself to look away. Tom’s eyes drifted to the prominent bulge in Dan’s underwear, and rubbed the matching one that had developed in his own. Well, fuck!! Why should he be sitting by himself, freezing his ass off with a hard on that would make Ron Jeremy proud while his two best friends were fixing to go at it like a pair of crazed weasels?!

Tom stood and approached his friends, relieving himself of his boxers. When he reached Jerry and Dan, he pulled the red head from Jerry’s lap.

"I see you’ve changed you mind, Tommy." Jerry chuckled, standing himself and slipping his arms around Dan’s waist from behind.

"And you do want to cuddle with my sweaty ball sack." Dan added, somewhat smugly.

"Shut up!" Tom commanded, playfully. He punched Dan in the chest and chuckled at Dan’s cringe. He had always been a wimp and that was somewhat endearing. Pretty cute even, in Tom’s opinion. Tom proceeded to ease the pain away by closing his mouth over Dan’s left nipple. Dan groaned at the hot wet tongue sliding over his skin. Jerry smiled and ran his own tongue up Dan’s spine. Dan’s back arched, pushing himself closer against Tom’s mouth.

Dan could feel the definite difference between Jerry’s and Tom’s kisses, covering his body. Tom was dominating, while Jerry was gentle, giving. Those two opposing forces resisted each other just enough to drive Dan wild.

Tom moved lower on Dan’s torso, nipping and sucking at the flesh as he went. His tongue dipped briefly into Dan’s naval as he passed it. His hands tangled in the fabric of Dan’s briefs and pulled down hard. Dan groaned loudly as the fabric rubbed against him. Tom smiled crookedly at the erection that had started this whole thing. Damn, for a little guy, Dan sure was packing!

Jerry reached down and ran his finger tips up the underside of Dan’s shaft. The red head gasped. Tom took this opportunity to surprise Dan. He closed his mouth on Dan’s head and sucked firmly. Dan’s gasped trailed of into a sound that was absurdly feminine. The two others starred a moment and Dan blushed. The girlyness of his shout had even startled him. Jerry told him it was all right and showered the back of Dan’s neck with kisses before kneeling down to Tom’s level.

Tom shooed Jerry’s probing hands away from Dan’s length in a way that said he shouldn’t be so greedy seeing as he got a head start. He licked his lips and let his breath out in a deep sigh. Dan shivered at the cold air on his cock. A moment later he was enveloped in the moist heat of Tom’s mouth. Tom started slow, teasingly. Beginning at the root, he swirled his way to the weeping head. Dan put a hand on the back of Tom’s head, meaning to urge him to go faster, but Tom was the one in charge here. He grabbed Dan’s wrist and pulled it away. If he was going to do this, he would be calling he shots.

Jerry ran his hands up Dan’s slender form, stopping to grip at Dan’s abs. He blanketed kisses across the small of his back. and then moved to the doctor’s pale ass. he gripped one cheek in each hand and spread them just so. Dan gasped as Jerry’s tongue swiped across his hole. He turned his head and looked down at Jerry. His friend looked back with devilish eyes, his face still buried in Dan’s ass. Those eyes turned back to their work a second later. He slipped his tongue over Dan’s entrance a few seconds longer and then slipped the tip of his tongue inside Dan for just a moment. Dan moaned slightly at the new sensation and lifted his head, a hand slipping over his neck as if he couldn’t breathe.

Jerry took his mouth away and quickly slicked his fingers with his own saliva. He brought them to Dan’s entrance and carefully began to ease his forefinger into him. Dan felt a large spark of discomfort and probably would have given out a sniveling little yell and begun to ask what the Hell people saw in this kind of stuff, but Tom’s continual sucking was an amazing distraction. The pain increased after an moment, but then Jerry started to scissor his fingers around inside Dan. The pain subsided after a few of the movements and changed to a brand new kind of pleasure that Dan had never thought possible. Dan nearly fell over, but caught himself by resting an hand on Jerry’s shoulder. His knees were weak. No surprise really, with Tom sucking from the front and Jerry probing from the back.

Dan announced his release with a strangled cry as he lurched forward, pushing Jerry’s finger deeper into him and clamping both hands on Tom’s shoulders, gripping hard. Tom swallowed most of Dan’s cum then pulled away, a bit of it dribbling down his chin. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and smiled up at Dan, who was breathing hard and staring back. Tom favored him with a wink, then looked around to Jerry.

"He ready?" He asked "I mean, he already blew his load and I don’t think I can last much longer myself."

Jerry removed his fingers slowly, enticing a hiss of pleasure from the recovering Dan. "How are we gonna do this?"

"You’re in the middle. I’m on top." Tom replied.

"I figured as much." Jerry joked as he reached through Dan’s ankles to get to Tom’s neglected member and give it a swift little tug. Tom grunted then chuckled.

"So that means..?" Dan suddenly piped in.

"That’s right, Dan-o." Tom got up and gave Dan’s ass a little spank.

"It’s not as bad as it sounds." Jerry’s arm encircled Dan’s shoulder.

"Well, let’s do it then." Tom said impatiently.

Jerry led Dan to a deeper part of the cave and when he found a spot that seemed suitable, he told Dan to get down. Dan moved to a position on his hand and knees and actually raised his ass a little towards Jerry, invitingly. Jerry dropped to his knees and place a hand delicately on Dan’s hip. The other he used to guide his length to Dan’s entrance. He pushed his had in and waited to see if he was hurting Dan. Judging by Dan’s breath hitching to a faster pace and the look of expectancy in his eyes, he wasn’t. Slowly the full length of Jerry’s cock made its way into the red head. Dan moaned loudly, his back arching into the intrusion. When Jerry was completely within Dan, he curled his stomach over his friend’s back.

After a moment, Dan felt Jerry move against him. he figured Tom was beginning to enter Jerry. Jerry laid his head against Dan’s back and Dan felt more than heard Jerry’s approving growl. The three were frozen in this position for a couple moments.

"Ready?" Tom asked. he looked right past Jerry, who he knew well enough in a situation like this, to Dan. The red head looked back, pleadingly, and nodded.

Tom moved back, Jerry did the same and Dan just shivered in anticipation. The first thrust from the two men was slightly unorganized, but after another couple thrusts, the clumsy rhythm had set itself right.

Dan groaned deeply from the pit of his stomach. He never, in a million years, thought he’d be a part of something like this, especially with his two best friends. But right at that moment Dan decided, screw morals and screw his worry wart way of life. This was just too mind blowing to be distracted by anything but the two men behind him.

"Faster." Jerry grunted after a few minutes. Tom obliged eagerly. Dan leaned forward even more, changing the angle Jerry was thrusting at. he rested his forehead on his arm, eyes closed tight. He let out a gratifying hiss and bit his lip hard enough to draw blood. His cock, showing its resilience for the second time that night, bobbed blindly against his belly, demanding attention.

"Oh God..." He moaned, seizing gently with his free hand.

Jerry wrapped his arms around Dan’s midsection in a firm bear hug and pumped harder. His breathing quickened and even in such cool weather sweat beaded and dripped off his shoulders and neck.

Jerry could call all of what was happening one of the greatest feelings in existence. To fuck and be fucked at the same time; to be both dominant and submissive. He had never really done anything like this. He always thought he had boundaries that he wouldn’t cross and a small part of his brain actually wondered where those boundaries had gone. He quickly willed those thoughts away and concentrated on the fragile man before him. He wanted to make Dan feel wonderful; better than anything in the world. Another little piece of his brain for a moment spoke up in a voice a little above a whisper.

Would you leave Denise for him? it asked.

Jerry brought his lips to the spot between Dan’s shoulder blades and placed one loving kiss there. It’s a distinct possibility. Jerry answered.

Tom wetted his lips and increased the fervor of his thrusts. Was this kinky of what? unbeknownst to Tom, his thoughts were considerably less profound than his friends at the moment, but that was just Tom’s way. That and Tom liked to play attention during his favorite... And apparently, three way butt sex in the middle of no where seemed to be climbing pretty high up there on the list.

The only stray thought floating around in the sea of hormones that was Tom’s brain was the fear that those whacked out rednecks would find them. Though at this point, Tome would rather take a bullet in the back than stop ramming Jerry. If he was going to die in this god forsaken forest, he wasn’t going to arrive at the pearly gates without finishing one last good fuck!

Jerry and Tom’s rhythm fell out of sync, which actually wasn’t that bad, because the boys had started to push back into the thrusts of the one behind them, turning the three of them into a pistoning machine. Their breathing came ragged and uncontrolled. Cries mingled, echoing off the walls of the cave. Dan’s back heaved as he stroked himself hard. He was close, so close! Jerry seemed to be able to sense this. He thrusted with reckless abandon. Tom actually uttered a little laugh, as he tried to keep up with the brunette in front of him. The laugh slid down into a rumbling moan. He dropped his head, focusing on holding out as long as possible.

Dan opened his mouth in a soundless cry of ecstasy. Jerry’s cry was not as silent as he came harder than he ever had before. Dan let go a moment later, both startled and elated by the feeling of Jerry’s cum inside of him. He let his own cum drip over and between his fingers, enjoying the silky feeling of it.

Tom succumbed to the fate as his friends a few thrusts later, with a yell that sounded oddly similar to the whoop a cowboy might make after a particularly good ride on a bucking bronco. He fell back onto his ass, slipping free from Jerry in the process. He laid back with a sigh and a big goofy grin on his face. Dan rolled over onto the ground himself, leaves and dirt sticking to his cum and sweat covered skin. Jerry merely sat cross legged, letting his breathing wind back down and generally enjoying the afterglow. After a few minutes of this, he crawled over to Dan and spoke softly as he picked a few stray leaves off his body:

"I think you need to wash off."

Jerry helped him up and led him outside the cave, where the rain was still falling quite heavily. Dan sat and turned his face up to it, The cold water leaving clear, clean tracks across his body. Jerry leaned at a nearby puddle, cupped his hands in it and brought water to Dan. With that, he painstakingly began to wash him. Tom watched the two, from where he lay, in an almost voyeuristic fashion.

"This look a little to familiar." He chuckled.

The tree dwelling hippies went through each of their minds and all three burst into laughter that was dangerously loud in the dead quiet of the woods.

"Full on tantrum orgasm!" they said in unison and continued to laugh. Dan slumped over dazedly on Jerry’s shoulder. Jerry could feel him smiling on his skin.

"Are you kidding me?" He muttered. Jerry could tell he was falling asleep again. He knew that voice.

Jerry sighed happily and picked the now clean red head up. He laid him down behind Tom, received a soft good night kiss from each of them, and returned to his place behind Dan. They fell asleep there, feeling warm and safe in each others arms.

Dell found them early the next morning and while the boys were grateful to be rescued, they were extremely happy that they had been found only after they had gotten a chance to dance to the rhythm of the thunder.

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Date:August 1st, 2005 05:56 pm (UTC)
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Nice, I'm glad there's someone else out there writing Paddle fic too. That was a good job keeping everything straight (figuratively speaking of course) two guys are complicated enough, but I think my head might explode if I tried to write for three!

Thanks for sharing!
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Date:November 2nd, 2005 09:30 pm (UTC)
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Oh you are really wonderful you know that? I love this fic so much and it's so very hot!
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Date:November 3rd, 2005 06:57 pm (UTC)
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thank you so much! it's good to you're wonderful!
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Date:June 1st, 2006 05:25 pm (UTC)
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You are a good writer, even through this is my first slash of WaP. But still, very good.
Date:July 5th, 2006 05:49 am (UTC)
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it took me ages to find slash woap fanfics. your story was hot, i wish you would write more.
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Date:October 5th, 2009 07:28 am (UTC)
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Ngh. Amazing.
Even four years after the fact this story is awesome.
Pity I hadn't found it sooner. x33.
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Date:October 5th, 2009 08:10 pm (UTC)
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*waves* thanks muchly for the love!
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Date:October 24th, 2012 03:37 am (UTC)
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O///u///O I like it. ALOT.