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When You're Camping With Your Friends...

...who really NEEDS a paddle?

Without a Paddle Slash Community
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Yeah, I know. A lot of people will think I'm twisted. But I was shocked there wasn't a community for this, especially when the other Without a Paddle community I'm in had many users interested in this.

So here we go, slash lovers. A community for you. Three boys to choose from, all pairings welcome (Not that OT3s aren't invited.) Come to discuss and share your fanfiction, pictures and all that good stuff for Without a Paddle slash.

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1. No bashing. This is a community for all pairings, so be nice.
2. Please try to maintain good grammar, and check your stories over before posting them here.
3. Don't get pissy about constructive criticism. We're only trying to help here, folks. If you're writing, that means you should have a thick skin for that sort of thing.
4. Large images and stories should be put behind a cut. It doesn't really bother me, but a lot of people out there get mad if their friend-pages aren't perfect.
5. You can talk about the actors/characters/movie without it having a slash connection, but try and keep that to a minimum. This is a community for slashing the caracters in WoaP.
6. If you don't like slash...why the hell are you here? Go somewhere else and don't bother us slashfans with how wrong you think we are.
7. It'd be nice if you promoted this community. Maybe stick a nice honourable mention in your userbio or donate some afflites for us to pass around.
8. Promoting other communities is great! Especially if you make your own, but let's try and keep it WoaP or WoaP-actor related.

Thank you, and goodnight!
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